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"BMW Make Life a Ride", un corto por y para moteros Leer ar

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Make a Life a Ride es la primera película colaborativa producida por BMW Motorrad España en la que los moteros son los protagonistas. La campaña, inspirada en las experiencias personales de sus seguidores, quiere trasladar a sus clientes el nuevo espíritu de la compañía: pasión, aspiración, optimismo y emoción.


"La vida es un carretera llena de intersecciones y curvas, opciones que tomar. Tú decides cómo conducirla. Tú decides qué experiencias sentir. No te quedes parado. Encuentra tu camino, conduce tus sueños”. Ese es el lema que presenta la primera película colaborativa producida por BMW Motorrad España hecha por y para moteros.

Make life a ride está inspirada en las experiencias personales que los seguidores de la marca aportaron a través de fotos y tweets, contando como era para ellos la filosofía motera. La film cuenta el día a día de un hombre atrapado por una rutina que nunca ha deseado. Un día, el protagonista se reencuentra con su antiguo compañero de viajes, un cuaderno lleno de rutas, lugares y anécdotas que le transportan a un época pasada.

Estas contribuciones por parte de los usuarios son las que ayudan al personaje a decir adiós a su actual vida para volver a rememorar las emociones que había vivido recorriendo las carreteras sobre su antigua BMW. La nueva campaña supone un paso más en la nueva estrategia de BMW Motorrad para trasladar a sus clientes y seguidores el nuevo espíritu de la compañía.

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Please, think about what those capitalized statements say, and then if you believe that they can be applied today. How can I still get these emotions (rational or not) out in the open in a constructive way? I reworded what I was about to say to focus more about how I feel than an accusation.

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Moon is just trying so hard to find clips of any kind of phantom hit and just posts it hoping it will somehow prove something, phantoms don even have to do with dashback moments or someone shielding on a platform anything really. I rifled through a fair amount of the comments here and they came down to "oh this skin isn even as close as good as the other blood moon skins and doesn fit the theme" and when pushed on the subject they neither knew what said theme was and didn even acknowledge that the skins they felt were better were from a higher tier.My entire problem with this new wave of entitlement is that it not born out of a genuine desire to see the best quality skin, it born out of a desire to kick down Riot in anyway that they can and has been lumped with the absurd conspiracy that Riot is for whatever reason deciding that they just don want to make skins.

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I was about to refund it until I found a mod to adjust enemy and hero damage to make it more challenging. Currently, efforts are underway to introduce the lynx of Canada all the way south into Colorado. Rhodes landed a right cross that stunned his opponent and after a few seconds of waving Karate chop movements while the now aggressive kick boxer measured his foe and landed a wicked right hand that had the Karate expert reeling and staggering to avoid further punishment.

There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. If you're a novice rider, you might be tempted to push on the right side of the handlebar, thinking this will turn the bike to left. So in football, you're out a minimum of two weeks,'' Muhe said.

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"A little to the left. You need some form of "gimmick".. It amateurish and soccer fans don respect that. Though not considered ethical today, Watson conducted several other experiments with children which established that classical conditioned responses occur in people as well as in animals (Watson, Rayner, 1920)..

Since the first off road event in 1924 in Camberly, Surrey motocross has become quite a rage with motorcycling fanatics and this fad continues till date. Instead, the connectivity between many important regions of the brain broke down.. You need to do the same.

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Missed It or Want to See It Again? Selected VideosThe planet Venus passed for a second time between the Earth and the Sun on June 5 6, 2012, an extremely rare astronomical eclipse event last occurring in December 1882. Vicky Duval will replace her in the USA final tie tomorrow night.Asked whether she had decided whether to play at the Australian Open, which begins in Melbourne on January 18, Williams added: "I'm just taking it a day at a time still.

Then, have a ballot box and pass out slips of paper. That's alarming. Start with an eye popping front tire wheel close up. In general, this boils down to the fact that you can trust your team. How could I not have high expectations? It quite possible there was something in the fine print explaining the true nature of the procedure, but I have only just recently become able to read fine print.It wasn until I was making breakfast the day after my procedure that I noticed the results were not up to my expectations.

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Whether that's making a donation to organizations such as Stand up for kids or donating your time by volunteering, all of it helps. Yoon and the Christmas Mitten by Helen Recorvits. Investing in the powerful tools of peacebuilding is both effective and cost effective, but peacebuilding takes time.

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Once he's adapted to Wild West culture, he carries a six shooter and interacts other cowboys in a traditionally masculine manner.. He has a great first step that really helps with our line, even if it's improving. Music certainly knows no language, nor it has any barriers.

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All of that aside, I definitely be clear with DH that he has made some serious marriage mistakes and that he on thin ice. I ended up turning the difficulty down to normal at the second troll fight, the game wasn impossible at that difficulty, but it wasn really enjoyable or engaging, it just felt like I had to cheese every fight.

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I got engaged to my now wife, halfway through my cousin stay. Prince William and Kate Middleton now have 4 year old Prince George, soon to be 3 year old Princess Charlotte, and a newborn son. It may not be the polite thing to do, but sometimes I just can't help myself.

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It makes zero sense to separate mobile and larger, that is a lot of unnecessary work and makes the user experience terrible. On the one hand, there's only one button to figure out, but on the other hand, Fitbit needed to program in a lot of different button/tap combos to accommodate all of the Charge 2's features.
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Every time I start at a new restaurant I make it a habit to learn what allergens are in what dishes because I take that shit seriously, and I also want to know what I can eat safely. The investment amortizes much faster than investments in alternative energy.

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Also when two teams get behind cover and you guys run out of grenades, the RNG circle decides who has to move out and die lol. For Powerball, the odds of winning the jackpot with any given ticket are 1 in 146,107,962. This often meant that we didn have the rockstar players and we committed to developing talent instead (not a bad thing).

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But despite R122 million in assets, it appears no charitable projects have been started yet because Mseleku says the charity is in a collection phase. When the EEOC refused to ban gender specific job advertisements, Betty Friedan and other leading feminist formed NOW.

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But along with the culture of hip hop came the lyrics. If you didn ask them for help or a their blessing in the beginning, that showed you didn care of their opinion, so when things go bad, you also shouldn expect them to care about you or your relationships well being later on.

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Also Seattle is 4 hours away. Until they tasted it, that is. Clans now have a new Clan War feature, with a new Clan War event scheduled each and every month. The court exist to punish the violators mostly with fines. I have a feeling about macron. Shamrock Tattoo MeaningsThe shamrock tattoo represents life.

And for cruise lovers the Marine expeditionary units provide the cheapest cruises you will ever take.. Since Derby Day traditionally happens in the beginning of May, I always associate it with the beginning of summer. However, the mechanic then conflicts with the American KBS, but we can get to that.

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Aristide Maillol began his artistic journey as a painter and tapestry designer and switched to sculpting due to his failing eyesight. There was only around 40 people there and no opening bands. Wind tunnels also eliminate other variables that can affect results, such as bumps in the road or inclement weather.

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I could feel my eyelids opening and my vision went split screen. I had hope but no more. There was a foul so the camera panned to the on the court view from halfcourt and I remember Tatum looking like the tallest guy on the floor. However, understandably they have been introduced in the esports scene in an attempt to appease viewers, and to a lesser degree "fragging" teams.

A couple of notes I did see Bobbie and he we know that he wasn't happy with as demand. At the time Ms. Is cycling going to be a hobby or a sport?Am I going to ride city roads or dirt roads?Am I interested in mountain biking?Do I need to learn to ride or am I a good rider?Depending on your answers, you will have to make a correct choice of the bike you are to buy.

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The action doesn't flow as well as it does in Dragon Ball or One Piece. I was told that he was one of the smartest men in the world and just an incredible man. But to the vast majority of fans? There is a definite correlation between number of overtakes and how good a race was.

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"That's not an insult. I found this product after being recommended it by a dermatologist and it has worked wonders. But if you are playing smart, paying attention and have a 1 click tele (royal seed pod the goat) you wont die often. Do you guys just order bacon? Hey, it's grubhub.

That explosiveness, and from what I've seen, he's also been knocking down his shots. Oh and when a national poll that just came out today says Hillary is only beating Trump by 2%, what you have a badly flawed dem nom. President trumps rolled down a red carpet at Mara log as he ringing in the new year that are great here.

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I had them replace the coilpacks on all cylinders because I figured they would all eventually go out in the near future. I watched waking life many times and every time I find some new philosophical rabbit hole to dive into. It seems that there are people, that are people just drawing shapes, with no construction work being done at all.

Learn to story of Lord Voldemort and join Harry in his very first battle against evil in this outstanding live action film.. I am a baseball player and I probably won be masturbating every again. Both humans were blind to the photograph that the horses had seen.

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Plant small shrubs to give additional support to both the blocks and the earth.. A prescription less than 1 has relatively good vision and the surgeon can guarantee perfect vision.. Probably add like 100 150 calories to your daily after each week.???.

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Actor Zane Carney ("Dave's World") is 33. During this time, the zoo was missing Flaviu, a lynx that had managed to escape. Taking this in mind but still wanting to do Highland games I started to look for ways to get the experience of the games without the possibility of death to those involved..

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Eventually cops raided Peter's photo lab and found what they considered nine pounds of marijuana. When kids see their favorite players out running at getting involved, they are more likely to get outside and play because their idols are doing it.. CNN World Sport selects its six sports stars to watch in the first year of a new decadeMichelle Wie, Sebastian Vettel, Dominic Adiyiah, Kevin Durant, Marin Cilic and Lindsey Vonn are the picksThis year sees major events such as the soccer World Cup and the Winter Olympics(CNN) A new year, a new decade and the perfect time for those coveting sporting superstardom to stake their claim and join the super elite stratosphere occupied by the likes of Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, Cristiano Ronaldo and Roger Federer.CNN World Sport has racked its collective sporting brains to come up with six of the best who we feel will go the extra mile and become household figures, not just in their respective sports but also among the wider public.Our list contains four men and two women who are all well known among supporters of their respective sports, but who we believe will make waves on the front pages as well as the back.We would like your feedback on our selection and hear from you who you believe will make a sporting breakthrough in 2010 use the sound off box below.Michelle Wie (golf)Our first choice almost fits the bill in everything but her golfing record, which is improving but still boasts just one tournament win as a professional.Michelle Wie served notice of her prodigious talent by taking on the best on the LPGA Tour while barely a teenager and then having the audacity to pit her skills against men on their professional tour, making the cut at one minor event.She had the world at her feet with a multi million sponsorship deal by 16, but then came a wobble that left her future in the game in serious doubt.Without a win on the LPGA Tour and seeming to lose interest in the sport, Wie looked headed for oblivion until she returned, a more mature and rounded young woman with a purpose.

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cheap jerseys supply Bush, James Baldwin, Jane Fonda, Penelope Cruz, James Franco, John Stamos, Vanessa L. Some people reject the concept of Halloween altogether, saying it's a trip to the dark side they don't want to take. The amount of control over random maps is simply incredible and forms a basis of the replay ability factor. cheap jerseys supply

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cheap nba jerseys 0-20-0-20-240165 cheap nba jerseys

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Sensational or not, this was a pretty big part of the story.. Charles Grassley, R Iowa,announced that two weapons found near the scene were traced to an ATF gun running operation, later identified as Fast and Furious.. Maybe some of them became addicts.

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I keep only equity funds in the taxable account and equity bond funds in my IRA and HSA, so that it got the best tax efficiency. When she took one of the bars and started scanning it multiple times, he stopped her and told her to scan them each individually "to prevent any electromagnetic interferience," and then turned around and winked at me.

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Life is laid back with lots of children having fun especially in the summer. Poor kid. Town leaders reject their King and form a new nation, you can join skirmishes across the region and suppress it or whatever. Not even ten minutes later, I go to help my CSM close and drop drawers.

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Hence, this type of massage is suggested to people across the board, even for those who're not suffering from backache. The hearing for the helipad, though, became a venue for Palm Beach residents to air their grievances with Trump's frequent use of Mar a Lago.

Well, two of them are pregnant right now, and while it might seem petty, my NSV goal right now is to lose enough weight that they are bigger than me (even though they are pregnant and I realize that it not really fat. It goes without saying that under no circumstances sharing private keys with anyone is an option..

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A total of R52 500 was raised on the day, which Compass Medical Waste Services rounded up to R60 000 meaning that each of the beneficiaries received a R20 000 donation. It been an awful week, one of those where survival depends on an ability to put one foot in front of the other and keep plodding on.
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